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What Is TCM Holistic Treatment?

A practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses patients by assessing which is the primary Element in distress. This diagnosis is based on various sensory signs, especially:


  • the patient's emotional balance

  • facial color

  • odor

  • voice tone


The patient's personality is also of utmost importance. The focus is on diagnosing the balance of the Five Elements within the person rather than making a differential diagnosis of the symptoms presented by the person.

Treatment is only perceived as fully successful if patients report improvement in how they feel in themselves, as well as in their signs and symptoms. Sometimes patients are surprised to notice positive differences in how they feel even if they did not perceive anything to be 'wrong' with them in the first place. Chinese Medicine has the ability to direct treatment to any level of the patient's mind and spirit if that is what is required to help the patient to return to good health.

Therefore in TCM, holistic treatment means that the Chinese Herbalist or acupuncturist has to understand the root causes of the imbalance. He has to identify the inter-related causes of diseases and balance the mind and body in relation to those root issues. Hence, sometimes, for instance, when one complains of constipation, it may be due to weakness in other internal organs unrelated to the big intestines.

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