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What Is The Meaning Of Spirit In Chinese Medicine?

Many people already have a view, albeit indistinct, of what the word 'spirit' means. Others do not accept that human beings have a spirit at all. The word 'spirit' also has many different meanings in the English language. The one that is closest to its meaning in Chinese medicine is 'the animating or vital principle in man'. Cicero called it the true self, not that physical figure which can be pointed out by your finger. In the Chinese language the words shen and jing-shen most closely describe the spirit, although it also encompasses some aspects of the mind.

People often equate 'spirit' with the spiritual and religious sides of the person. The word 'spirit', however, encompasses many other aspects of being. Religion, mysticism and spiritual awareness emanate from the human spirit, but so also does the desire to look at a radiant sunset, to listen to beautiful music or to achieve one's potential as a human being. When people wake up and experience the joy of seeing a beautiful day dawning, it is their spirit that is touched by that experience, love and compassion are expressions of the spirit.

People who have problems in their spirit struggle when under stress and have difficulties coping when their lives. This may manifest in areas such as their relationships, communication, posture, use of language or the look in their eyes. Resignation, anguish , despair, depression, disappointment, sadness, anxiety and many other states are present to some extent in almost all of our patients.

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