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Treatment Hypertension With Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

What Are The Symptoms Of Hypertension?

Prolonged mental depression, anger and emotional disturbance will lead to depression of qi and hyperactivity of the yang of gan-liver. This in turn will lead to exhaustion of yin fluid. In senile people, or those with xu of yin of gan-liver and shen-kidney, there will be hyperactivity of yang. In obese people the function of pi-spleen will be disturbed and there will be an excess of phlegm and damp.

  • Hyperactivity of Yang
    This presents with vertigo, headache, dizziness and irritability. The tongue coating is thin and yellow and the pulse is bowstring and forceless.

  • Hypoactivity of Yin Leading to Hyperactivity of Yang
    This presents with dizziness, tinnitus, headache, blurred vision, a lumbar ache, generalized weakness and insomnia. The tongue proper is red, the pulse is bowstring, fine and rapid.

  • Excess of Phlegm and Damp
    This presents with vertigo, palpitations, a fullness of the chest and epigastrium, nausea and a heavy feeling in the body. The tongue coating is thick and greasy, the pulse is bowstring and gliding.



TCM Herbalism Treatment Of Hypertension

In hyperactivity of yang and hypo activity of yin pacify the yang of the gan-liver and tonify the yin of shen-kidney. In phlegm and damp strengthen the pi-spleen and resolve damp.

Prescription Of Acupuncture Points For Hypertension:
Hyperactivity Of Yang

  • Taichong Liv3

  • Taixi K3

  • Fengchi GB20

  • Ganshu UB18


Hypoactivity Of Yin

  • Taichong Liv3

  • Taixi K3

  • Shengshu UB23

  • Sanyinjiao Sp6


Excess Of Phlegm And Damp

  • Taichong Liv3

  • Taixi K3

  • Fenglong St40


Points According to Symptoms

  • For a high blood pressure use Quchi (LI 11)and Zusanli (St36)

  • For palpitations add (P6)

  • For insomnia add Shenmen (H7)

  • For headache add Taiyang (Extra)


The Reasons For Point Selection

  • Taichong and Taixi pacify yang and tonify yin

  • Ganshu and Fengchi pacify the fire of the gan-liver

  • Shengshu and Sanyinjiao regulate and tonify the shen-kidney and the three yin channels

  • Fenglong resolves phlegm in the pi-spleen


Auricular Therapy

  • For lowering the blood pressure use Groove for lowering the blood pressure and hypertension.

  • For dizziness use Occiput and Forehead

  • For Palpitations use Heart and Shenmen


Point Hypertension on the ear can lower the blood pressure smoothly. The rebound increase of blood pressure after treatment is not as rapid as when the Groove for lowering blood pressure is used.  When the Groove is used beware of a rapid fall in blood pressure and subsequent hypotension.

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