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Treat Sicknesses With TCM Diagnostic Signs

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has developed a very powerful system of diagnostic signs to identify the root causes of diseases and disharmonies. For example:

  • How various excesses of emotions affect the internal organs and the mind.

  • How color can be observed on the face, particularly on the lower temples beside the eye, to indicate certain disharmony.

  • How odor that is emitted by the body can be used to indicate imbalance in the body.

  • How voice, particularly tone of the voice can be used to indicate disharmony in the body and mind.

Beside these four signs, a traditional Chinese Herbal practitioner also concentrates on assessing the nature of the person's character in the light of the Five Elements and twelve Officials.

Chapter 16 of the Nan ling says that when a person's Organ becomes distressed the emotion and color associated with that Element will manifest themselves. The Ling Shu laid down the basic idea by stating, 'Examine the external resonances of the body to know the body's inner viscera' (Wu, 1993, Chapter 47). These four signs enable practitioners to use their senses and intuition to discern which Elements have become dysfunctional.

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