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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine - Harmonious Functioning Of Jing, Qi And Shen

Moving towards well-being depends on the harmonious functioning of our physical, emotional and spiritual
aspects - the three levels of energy known as the 'Three Treasures'. They are Jing, or 'Essence' Qi the natural enlivening, energy of the universe, and Shen, meaning 'spirit' or 'Mind'.


Jing is inherited from our parents and is the most substantive and material of the Three Treasures. It is closely related to our genetic blueprint and is the substance our bodies are made of. Qi is what enlivens us and gives rise to our emotions. Shen, or Spirit, the most subtle energy of the Three Treasures, depends on
the vitality of Qi and Jing for its strength and vigor. When the body is healthy and strong, and the emotions are sound, free flowing and appropriately expressed, our spiritual health can deepen.


How To Maintain Optimal Health Through Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine?

All Three Treasures are intimately interwoven and must be consciously cultivated and balanced to maintain optimal health. Looking after ourselves from the perspective of the Three Treasures requires that we become aware of, and bring into harmony, our emotional states, lifestyle, diet and our interaction with our environment to cultivate spiritual wholeness. Striving to bring into balance the different aspects of our being, as represented in the Three Treasures, is the ultimate objective of Chinese medicine. We are encouraged to take this responsibility as this forms the first barrier of defense against invading disease and is considered the highest form of medicine - prevention.

The preventative approach focuses on maintaining and vitalizing the strength of our Three Treasures by avoiding unfavorable circumstances. When harmony with nature is upset, when moderation gives rise to excess, ill health and disease will manifest. There is great emphasis in Traditional Chinese herbal medicine on conducting our lives in ways that nurture and enhance the Three Treasures, so as not to deplete these essential energies. By making proper choices in what we eat, how we exercise, how we deal with our emotions and when we work and rest, it is not beyond anyone to help prevent disease and promote personal health. In fact, no amount of treatment by a practitioner will overcome an unhealthy diet or a poor lifestyle.



Below are the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine principles in prevention and healing of diseases:

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