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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine In The Healing Of Emotional Health

The Traditional Chinese medical staff have pointed out long before, Healthy human body means not only freedom from diseases and weakness, but also sound mental condition and social adaptive capacity. In modern society, psychic factors give rise to more and more psychosomatic diseases. Psychological diseases will become the frequent and widespread diseases of human being in the 21st century.

Under normal circumstances seven emotional activities play a role of coordinating the physiological functions
of the five zang organs. But excessive seven emotions beyond the scope of the self-adjustment of the human body can cause disturbance of visceral qi and blood. Consequently emotional health problem occur.

How To Abstaining From Anger?

"Anger" has been the emotional taboo for experts on life cultivation throughout the history. It impairs not only the liver, but also the heart, stomach and brain etc. ,which leads to cause various diseases. Accordingly, anger, the bad emotion, should be possibly controlled in life cultivation and rehabilitation.

Restraining one's anger means that one should rationally overcome emotional impulses. when anything irritating, comes up' one should first think of its bad consequence so as to rationally restrain and control one's bad and violent emotions. For instance, ancient and modern wise people often hang up aphorisms such as "restraining anger" and  "ceasing to be angry" over their desks to remind them of abstinence from anger.

How To Overcome Depression?

One may adopt proper methods to give vent to one's bad emotions when meeting setbacks, or being wronged, or confronting troublesome and grief affairs. For instance, one may cry aloud in a place where there are no people when meeting with a misfortune or being extremely grieved; one may go to an open field  and shout loudly to let off his depression and emotions when encountering setbacks backs and feeling constrained.

How To Deal With Negative Emotions?

  • When bad emotions occur, one should find two or three intimate friends to air one's depression and follow friend's advice, eventually to overcome bad emotions.

  • Diverting emotions means overcoming emotions and changing the directionality of emotions to get rid of distracting thoughts and depression and to change bad emotions and habits.  When met with depression, one might as well "read books to divert oneself from boredom, listen to music to dispel melancholy. " In addition, the musical instrument, chess, painting and calligraphy may be utilized to divert emotions and mould one's temperament.

  • Sports - Bad emotions due to mental stimuli can be let off by sports activities and also by diverting one's  attention and regulating the balance of the human body. Various activities such as playing balls, walking, mountaineering, practicing Taijiquan and performing a sword dance can all divert or let off mental stress and discomfort. Especially, traditional physical training emphasizes the combination of movement with motionlessness, which can make the body comfortable and people happy. It is very effective for eliminating bad emotions. In addition, people may also take part in physical labor to get rid of mental tension, anger and grief with physical exercises.

  • Suggestion therapy is a method to promote the patient's rehabilitation by means of suggestion. The ancient Chinese idiom "mistaking the reflection of a bow in the cup for a snake-extremely suspicious" is a typical example of this suggestion. The ancient Chinese pray for recovery also includes some elements of suggestion therapy. Suggestion has both positive suggestion and negative suggestion. Positive suggestion means the patient accepts other peoples ideas completely, unconditionally, uncritically and without analysis no matter the ideas are correct or not. It exerts positive effects on psychosomatic health. Negative suggestion, however, denotes that the patient thoroughly negates and rejects other people's ideas. It has negative effects on psychosomatic health. Suggestion therapy makes use of the positive effects of suggestion to promote psychosomatic health of the human body. Meanwhile, attention should be paid to avoiding the negative effects of suggestion. Suggestion therapy may be conducted on two occasions: one is performed in complete waking state without hypnotization; the other means suggestion is given to the patient after he or she enters hypnosis. The latter excels the former in effects. Besides, the patient also may perform positive self suggestion and repeatedly intensify the consciousness of "excellent health and recovery from the disease". In this way visceral functions can be consequently induced to develop along an orderly direction.

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