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TCM Meaning Of Mind

The mind is the cognitive faculty and gives people the ability to think. This includes being able to concentrate, remember, plan and make decisions. The phrase 'mentally ill' is legitimately used in Western medicine to describe problems in sense perception, personality emotions or behavior. This use of the word goes far beyond the core meaning of the word 'mental'. Many people in psychiatric hospitals have extremely astute and able minds. It is their spirits that are in distress.

In the context of Chinese medicine, symptoms a the mental level include:

  • being obsessed

  • forgetful

  • indecisive

  • unable to concentrate

  • disorganized

  • muddled

  • vague

  • inarticulate

  • dyslexic

  • etc.

In Chinese medicine the mind and spirit are considered to be an aspect the person's qi. Just as qi is present in every cell in the body, so also is the person's mind and spirit.

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