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TCM Herbalism Treatment Of Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is caused by emotional disturbance, improper intake of food (including over-indulgence) and a lack of exercise.



Symptoms Of Coronary Heart Disease

Shi Type: Retardation of Blood and Stagnation of Qi
This presents with paroxysmal attacks of angina with a fixed painful area, usually in the left shoulder, but in severe cases in the whole back. There may also be excessive sweating, cold extremities, pallor and cyanosis. The tongue proper is purple and the tongue coating is thin and white, with a bowstring or intermittent pulse.

Shi Type: Obstruction by Phlegm and Stagnant Blood
This presents with a stuffy suffocating feeling in the chest and paroxysmal attacks of angina. The tongue proper is purplish, the tongue coating is white and greasy and the pulse is bowstring and gliding.

Xu Type: Xu of Yin of Gan-liver and Shen-kidney
This presents with dizziness, lumbar soreness, thirst and stuffiness in the chest. The tongue coating is thin, the pulse is bowstring and thready.

Xu Type: Xu of Yang of Xin-heart and Shen-kidney
This presents with palpitations, dyspnoea, paroxysmal angina, lumbar soreness, malaise, pallor and peripheral cyanosis. The tongue proper is light or dark purple and the pulse is deep and thready.

Acupuncture Points For Treatment Of Coronary Heart Disease

In the shi types invigorate the circulation of qi and blood, resolve stasis and remove the obstruction to the channels.  In xu types tonify the deficiency, invigorate the blood circulation of qi and remove the obstruction to the channels.


Prescription For Coronary Heart Disease


Shi Types

  • Shanzong Ren17

  • Ximen P4

  • Neiguan P6

  • Jueyinshu UB14

  • For stagnation of blood add Geshu (UB17)

  • For phlegm add Fenglong (St40)


Xu Types

Xu of Gan-liver and Shen-kidney

  • Ganshu UB18

  • Shenshu UB23

  • Neiguan P6

  • Sanyinjiao Sp6

  • Shanzonh Ren17


Xu of Yang of Yin-heart and Shen-kidney

  • Jueyinshu UB14

  • Shenshu UB23

  • Neiguan P6

  • Taixi K3

  • Qihai Ren6


Points According to Symptoms

For acute angina use Ximen (P4)


The Reasons For Point Selection

  • Shanzong invigorates the circulation of qi and blood

  • Jueyinshu, Neiguan and Ximen resolve stasis and remove obstruction

  • Ganshu, Shenshu and Sanyinjiao tonify the gan-liver and shen-kidney

  • Fenglong resolves phlegm

  • Geshu invigorates blood circulation.

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