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How Severe Shock Affects Internal Organs?

Shock is sometimes translated as fright and affects the Heart and Kidneys. Zhang Jiebin described it thus: 'With fear and dread (jing) the spirits are frightened, and they disperse ... Heart and Kidneys receive the attack' Shock affects some people by making them agitated and by paralyzing others. It can result from either emotional or physical trauma. It doesn't matter whether people have received deeply distressing news or have just emerged unscathed from a serious car crash; its effects are the same. In the short-term people often feel disorientated, emotionally volatile, agitated or fatigued and experience unpleasant sensations in the heart.

People who have experienced severe shocks in their childhood, in the form of violence, abuse, excessive melodrama, etc., commonly have an imbalance in their Fire and Water Elements. They may never have re-established a proper balance between their Heart and Kidneys. In the short term the Heart is often the most affected, but repeated shocks deplete the Kidneys significantly.

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