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Prompt Treatment Of Proper Rest and Nourishment For Longevity

China's cities have better medical facilities and more skilled physicians than rural areas. People there also
have a fuller and broader knowledge of health care.


What Is prompt Treatment Of Proper Rest And Nourishment For Longevity?

In general, timely diagnosis and treatment for diseases is more readily available in urban areas, and emergency rescue systems are more effective. This helps reduce the mortality rate, one reason the average life expectancy of city residents exceeds 70, higher than that of rural dwellers.

Grandma Sun 'Wanfang, 1O2 years old, of Huangpu district in Shanghai, was saved by prompt emergency
treatment when she suffered from severe stomach trouble and several massive hemorrhages in her thirties. After recovering, Grandma Sun developed physical health by taking smaller but more meals, coupled
with medicines. Since then she has had no stomach trouble and remains healthy at the age of more than


Build Health Through Proper Rest And Nutrition

Of course, it is of little value for one to rely only on good medical facilities if knowledge of health care is
lacking and one fails to build health through proper rest and nutrition. Centenarian Guo Yangyuan used to suffer from many diseases such as hypertension, migraine, arthritis and neurasthenia, which were little helped by medicines. After retiring at the age of 70 he read many books on the art of healthy living and learned to do self-massage. Months after, his blood pressure dropped from 190/12O (mm Hg) to 170/100 (mm Hg), his dizziness ceased, his appetite returned, he slept better and his walk was more springy. These initial effects gave him the confidence to continue. From extensive reading and personal experience, he worked out a set of massage best fitted to himself. A year later he stopped taking medicines and his diverse diseases gradually vanished.

Twenty years later, however, he was afflicted with cancer twice, one at the age of 92 and again when he
was 94. He improved after timely diagnosis and treatment, but after a second operation for bladder cancer,
he was bed-ridden for two months from excessive bleeding. Once his health improved, he started again to
massage himself and follow a strict daily regimen. He developed a schedule of balanced nutrition for himself
after consulting a number of books on health care:

  • 6.00 am  - A soft-boiled egg, a small bowl of porridge, and a slice of steamed roll with salted vegetables or pickles, sesame paste or fermented bean curd.

  • 10.30am - A bowl of milk or vegetable soup, occasionally with an egg added.

  • 12.00 noon - A few spoonfuls of soup, then one liang of rice and a dish of vegetable (its variety changing from time to time) stir-fried with lean pork or a dish of fish.

  • 6.0 pm - One liang of steamed roll or pancake, one liang of rice or cornmeal porridge and a dish of bean
    products or fresh vegetables. Occasionally a small amount of beer or Shaoxing rice wine. Fruit after supper.

Apart from taking meals according to the schedule, Grandpa Guo Yangyuan also follows a regimen in his daily life Get up at five every day. Massage himself  before washing face. Take an outdoor stroll for half an hour. After breakfast listen to a news broadcast and take a walk in the park at eight. After snack at ten-thirty rest for half an hour, then read books and practice calligraphy. After lunch do housework, then read newspapers and take a nap. Walk outdoors at three pm and go shopping. Do housework. After supper rest for half an hour, read popular science periodicals and watch TV. At nine pm go to bed and massage himself for half an hour before falling asleep.


Grandpa Guo Yangyuan paid attention to proper rest and nutrition and cooperated closely with physicians in treatment to, at long last, defeat cancer. At the age of 100, he still moves about with ease, speaks clearly and remains as lively in thinking and memory as in earlier years.

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