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Over Thinking Or Worry Affects Spleen

Si has been translated in different ways over the years. No English word does justice to the concepts described in the character. some translators have used words such as ' pensiveness' or 'ponderousness' in an attempt to convey its sense of becoming worried, preoccupied or, in an extreme form, obsessed. Worry can become a major component of a person's stream of consciousness. Rarely is it beneficial to the person. Excessive of this kind of emotional worry will affect the Spleen according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are many causes to Spleen's diseases and, according to TCM, one of the reasons could be due to excessive worry.

Si can also mean thinking too much in the sense of 'straining one's brain' through excessive studying or mental/intellectual activity. Because si is not a true emotion. It does not generate the same powerful movements of qi as, for example, anger and fear. Its effect is to 'knot' the qi and it is therefore neither strongly yang nor yin in nature. The effect of the qi 'knotting' is that it stops circulating. This makes it difficult for people to transform their thoughts into effective action.

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