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Nourishing Health Through Balancing The Five Elements

One of the strengths of Chinese medicine is its understanding of how imbalances in a person's qi manifest in signs, such as the pulse, the color on the face, voice tone and odor, etc. This enables the practitioner to concentrate treatment on the Elements emanating such signs, sometimes before symptoms have arisen. This initiates change at the root of the patient's disharmony. Su Wen Chapter 77 outlined the emphasis many great practitioners of antiquity placed on tracing illnesses back to their origin.

Each Element is in relationship with the other Elements through the sheng and ke cycles. This is crucial to the practitioner's understanding that change is created in any Element by treating, the Elements are not discrete entities but phases in a cycle. Any change in the condition of an Element inevitably has an effect on the other Elements to some degree. One of the key aspects of treatment focused on weakest link in the chain is the extent of changes evoked in other Elements. The pulses normally become more balanced and stronger.

Hence, learn to balance the Five Elements and your health will be restored.

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