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Internal Causes Of Diseases According To TCM

In the San-yin Fang, Chen yen gives seven internal causes of disease. These are:

  • anger (nu)

  • joy (xi le)

  • sadness (bei)

  • grief (you)

  • over-thinking (si)

  • fear (kong)

  • shock (jing)

Readers should note that contemporary Chinese books and most written by Western practitioners have changed the classification of internal causes from that proposed by Chen Yen. Where he listed bei, usually translated as sadness and associated with the Fire and Metal elements, and you, customarily translated as grief and associated with the Metal Element, many writers have amalgamated these two emotions into sadness and given two meanings to the word si. Worry is the usual translation of one aspect of si and over-thinking or pensiveness of the other. In the changed classification both these meanings are included to make the number back up to seven.

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