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How To Regulate Menstrual Period With Diet And TCM Herbalism

Self Care During Menstrual Period

Since disturbances in Heavenly Water (Menstrual Period) are principally rooted in the Liver and Kidney organ systems, we should undertake self-care treatments that support these networks. In general, we can best tend to our Heavenly Water (Menstrual Period) by working with our emotions, making dietary changes, moderating our physical activity and making other lifestyle changes. Keep in mind that because being relaxed is very important to the smooth movement of Qi and Blood, any self-care regimen we undertake should be with gentleness and not approached aggressively.

Health Tips On How To Regulate Menstrual Period With Diet And Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • In general, and especially during the time of Heavenly water (Menstrual Period), excessive amounts of cold foods and fluids, and raw foods, should not be ingested since they can hamper the transformation process of food into Essence - Jing - one of the Three Treasures. cold foods can slow down the work of the Spleen, and lead to spleen Qi deficiency, which hinders the flow of Qi in the body and, if prolonged, can create accumulations of Cold and Dampness. This deficiency will produce pain, perhaps in the joints, which is a frequent problem for us during the time of Heavenly Water (Menstrual Period) , and may increase bloating, cramping and discomfort. In addition, the Spleen ensures that Blood stays within the vessels and does not seep into the tissues, so the Spleen's proper functioning is important during menstruation. A Spleen Qi Deficiency can manifest as heavy menstrual flow, cramps with cold hands and feet, diarrhea and digestive problems. .When a Spleen Qi Deficiency results in a Blood Deficiency, we may have problems falling asleep or miss a menstrual period.

  • What should we eat to prevent Qi deficiencies? Foods, even slightly cooked, are more easily digested, with nutrients more readily absorbed. Hot drinks and soups help to alleviate painful periods. On the other hand, coffee, alcohol, hot and spicy foods, along with large amounts of red meat, should be avoided during Heavenly Water, as they Stagnate the free movement of Liver Qi. Since the Liver Meridian courses through the Uterus, a blockage here will affect the smooth movement of Qi and Blood, and create uncomfortable symptoms. Generally stimulants magnify disharmonies of Excess and increase the severity of symptoms.

  • Rich, fatty foods affect the free movement of both Liver Qi and Spleen Qi. Typically, oily foods that are fried or greasy and sweets, can produce Spleen Qi Deficiency, and so should be avoided. A high-fat diet increases Qi Stagnation and Dampness, which is related to depression and loss of energy. Additionally not eating an excessive amount of dairy products and raw foods will reduce Dampness and not tax the Spleen.

  • During the time of Heavenly Water (Menstrual Period) , women frequently experience a craving for sweet foods. One theory suggests this is a sign of a Spleen Deficiency. Another theory relates it to the Liver Organ system. As the Liver becomes full, it exerts its inherent assertive quality while the Spleen, fatigued from transforming and transporting digestible, is weakened in its ability to fend off aggressive advancement by the Liver. Generally, it is thought that the Spleen is weak and needs support, thus explaining food cravings as a Spleen Deficiency. However, the cause may be an aggressive Liver that, susceptible to excessive Qi, tends to become full prior to the start of menses due to stress and emotional disturbances. A Liver with excessive Qi will result in the weakening of the Spleen and cause increased desire for sweet foods. Some women crave chocolate and coffee. The caffeine temporarily moves stagnant Qi but does not address the root problem and ultimately has a rebound effect, causing a deeper level of Stagnation and Spleen Defiency.

  • Salt intake should also be reduced to ease its effect on the Kidney Organ system. Salt, in excess, can create a Kidney Qi Deficiency that may result in water retention, lower-back pain or urinary tract infections.

  • To replenish Blood that is lost during Heavenly Water, we should eat foods that are rich in Blood-enhancing properties such as dark green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and dandelion leaves and red meat, liver, poultry, sweet rice, fish, eggs and raisins. It is also beneficial to eat the egg soup and sweet rice congee.

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