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How To Overcome Sadness With TCM?

Many patients carry terrible sadness within them and can be fairly described as 'broken-hearted'. Their spirits are crushed as they are assailed by feelings of resignation due to disappointments over past relationships, unfulfilled ambitions or their inability to live up to their youthful dreams and ideals. This is often due to a combination of frustration, primarily affecting the Wood Element, and bei suppressing the vitality of the Fire and Metal Elements.

The similarity between bei, sadness, and bu le, lack of joy, is striking and it is often difficult for practitioners to diagnose whether sadness in a person is primarily centered in the Fire or Metal Elements. One may need to rely on other diagnostic criteria such as color, sound and odor.

  • The antidote to sadness and feelings of resignation is to re-kindle a sense of lust for life, so that, whatever disappointments patients may have suffered in the past, they realize that life is precious. People need to rich and fulfilling.

  • After identifying how excessive grief or sadness had affected various disharmonies in the organs --- usually it will involve the Lung organ as well --- the Traditional Chinese Herbalists can use various herbs to correct the disharmonies. He can also apply acupuncture to balance the internal qi or energy to help the body and mind return to equilibrium.

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