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How Living Against Nature Affects Our Health According To TCM

For Han dynasty practitioners the season of spring was virtually synonymous with the wind and the emotion of anger. They 'resonate' together for a discussion of the concept of 'resonance' between seasons, climates and emotions). If people do not use the spring as a period of activity, change and transformation it can be injurious to their health, physically and psychologically. In the same way being buffeted by the wind or feeling intense anger can also have deleterious effect.

'Going against' a season also means failing to adjust to the changes that are inherent in the transformations of yin yang and the Five Elements. A central concept of Chinese thought in the Han dynasty was the inevitability of change:

  • Yin must always transform to yang.

  • The Five Elements and seasons will always change into their successor in the sheng cycle, the cycle of creation.

  • Nothing is permanent.

It is people's inability to stay in harmony with these changes that leads to physical and psychological illness.

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