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How To Live In Harmony With Nature According To TCM

As well as the traditional classifications of internal, external and miscellaneous causes, the classics also comment on other factors that can be deleterious to a person's health. For example in the first chapter of Su Wen the Yellow Emperor asks why people's health was worse than it had been in 'antiquity'. Qi Bo tells him that people are 'enslaved by their emotions and worries'.

There is no place in contemporary textbooks for considering whether people's illnesses have been caused by:

  • excessive desires

  • greed

  • or not living 'close to nature'

However, living in harmony with the energy of the seasons is a theme that recurs repeatedly in Su Wen, Chapter 2, for example, is largely devoted to the importance of living in harmony with the seasons. Iii health and a shortened life span are seen as the inevitable consequences of violating the laws of nature and not living in harmony with the time.

What Is Mean By Going Against A Season?

What did the writers of the Nei Jing mean by going against a season? Spring and summer are predominantly yang in nature. This meant that they were perceived as being a time when people should be at their most active and dynamic. Conversely the predominantly yin nature of autumn and winter were the appropriate times for resting and reflection.

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