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How Excessive Grief Leads To Lung's Sicknesses

The character has the Heart radical at the bottom and above it the character bei which is negation. What is implied is a kind of suppression of the Heart and therefore the 'radiance of the spirits' (shen ming). Su Wen says that when there is sadness the qi 'disappears'. Sadness primarily affects the organs of the Metal and Fire Elements. Excessive of grief will lead to Lungs problems.

  • The word grief (you) is used to describe the emotion associated with the Metal Element but does not describe the active expression of grief as people sometimes think.

  • Ai is the Chinese word that conveys the howling and wailing that is normal behavior during the mourning period in China, or the keening (wailing or lamenting bitterly) that people sometimes express when someone close to them has died.

  • Bei is better described as sadness or melancholy.

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