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How Emotions Moves Energy Or QI?

Su Wen Chapter 39 describes the movement of qi that occurs when a person feels a particular emotion. The practitioner attempts to discern these movements because pathological movement betrays imbalance of the Element. These movements can be observed in the changes to body language, voice tone, expression in the eyes, facial color and in many other aspects of a patient.

  • Excessive movement, for example the patient very easily becoming aggressive, is pathological.

  • A lack of movement is also a sign of imbalance. For example, the patient may fail to respond significantly to warmth and joy.

  • Erratic movement is also a sign of imbalance, for example the patient looks as if he or she is about to cry but denies feeling any distress and genuinely is unaware of any emotion being strongly felt at the time.

Traditional Chinese Medicine with its ancient wisdom is aware of many internal and external causes of diseases. When we understand this, we can use these wisdom to ensure balance in our mind and body so that we can enjoy good health in our life.

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