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How Emotions Affect A Person's Qi According To Five Elements Of TCM

Su Wen describes how the different emotions affect a person's qi. More yang emotions of joy and anger create upward and expansive movement. More yin emotions, such as sadness and anxiety generate downward and contracting movement.

This can be clearly seen in an acute situation. Shock or fright affects the Heart and Kidneys intensely. Its effects are both yin and yang in nature. If, for example, people become intensely frightened or shocked, their bodies immediately produce a huge, surge of adrenaline. The effects of increased adrenaline production have been extensively studied by physiologists.


Although the surge of adrenaline has broadly similar effects, everyone reacts in their own unique way. One person's heart may become erratic whereas another person is more aware of the need to urinate. One person freezes, while another becomes agitated. The differing response is largely determined by the balance of yin yang and the Five Elements.

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