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How Colors Affect Emotions According To TCM Herbalism

Use Colors To Regulate Our Emotions

According to the effects of colors on the human body and emotions, certain colors are selected to exert direct effects on the mind and emotions via eyes. This is the so called pleasing the eyes and refreshing the mind. Besides the color tones, color temperatures, etc. may also be used to regulate emotions.


The method, under the guidance of the theory of "the five colors corresponding to the five zang organs and
five emotions", is used to arrange the colors of the patients living surroundings such as living rooms, utensils,
furnishings, clothes, quilts, window curtains and lights as well as the dresses of doctors and nurses of rehabilitation according to the requirements. Also, rooms of rehabilitation with colors and "color instruments" are installed in hospitals and sanitariums to rehabilitate the corresponding diseases. How colors affect emotions and their indications are as follows.


Warm Colors Making People Excited And Joyful

Orange and red color will provide warm feeling and sense, they will cause the action respond to make people feel happy or excited.  The colors will cause diseases like dementia, depression and others.


Cold Colors Have The Actions Of Cooling

Among indigo blue, purple and green, one may select one color, or two, or three.  The colors have the actions of cooling, tranquilizing and making people restrained. Cold colors are applicable to dysphoria, irascibility' insomnia, terror and fear as well as mania, epilepsy, etc.

Joyful Colors Make People Happy

Red and pink make people happy and have the action of restraining grief. The colors are applicable to people
with low spirits, susceptibility to grief and cry, and depression.

Sad Colors Used To Restrict Anger

Black is mainly applied or white may also be used to restrict anger. Both colors are applicable to susceptibility
to anger, over joy, etc.

Fearful Color Restricting Over Joy

Black has the action of restricting over joy. The color is applicable to mania, endless laughing, etc.

Anxious Colors Restricting Fear

Yellow, light blue and light green possess the actions of restricting fear and benefiting thinking. The colors are applicable to terror, fear, distraction etc.


The flexible selection of either single color or multiple colors, either light colors or rich colors, is used to
form the proper compatibility according to the requirement of the patient's in applying the colors.

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