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How Anger Emotion Leads To Sicknesses?

Anger is predominantly yang in its nature. It has many different forms and is an extremely common cause of illness. It is more precise to say as it does in Su Wen that when 'there is anger the qi rises up (shang), as the relationship between an emotion and qi is more truly seen as a pattern than a causal relationship.

Anger is the emotion people feel when they want to bring about change in their external circumstances or in their personal limitations. When people are unable to generate the desired change, frustration and exasperation often follow. The Chinese word for frustration is cuozhegan, which literally means 'feelings of defeat'.

People can feel frustration in many different situations. For example:

  • being unable to create a better society,

  • being in difficult circumstances in their working or personal lives,

  • or finding their intimate and sexual relations limiting.

Frustrations affect their qi adversely. This is especially so when people are unable to find a way to express or resolve the emotion and their qi fails to return to its normal movement. Instead of anger being a creative, productive, upward moving, yang force, it stagnates. (Stagnation is often the word used to describe the effect in the qi when the Liver becomes imbalanced.) Patients are often unaware of how strongly entrenched in their spirits these deep-seated feelings of frustration, exasperation, resentment and bitterness are.

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