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Grief Affects Metal Element And Lung

Grief is the word the Nei Jing and Nan Jing use to describe the emotion of the Metal Element. This feeling is often felt intensely and deeply whilst sadness (bei) is usually evident in the person's demeanor and especially in the eyes. Grief (you) is often repressed to such an extent that it is very difficult to discern, unless an intimate rapport has been has achieved and the practitioner is adept at eliciting it. Grief, like anger, is an emotion people feel when their experience of life does not match how they would like it to be.

People experience a sense of loss, regret or disappointment when outside circumstances, or their perception of themselves, do not match their expectations. In some situations it may be possible for people to develop sufficiently and no longer feel disappointed in themselves and their weaknesses. More often, however, people transcend painful feelings of grief, regret and disappointment when they re-evaluate their lives and begin to accept themselves and their circumstances.

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the danger of excessive emotions including grief and sadness. Excessive grief leads to disharmony of the Metal element or the Lung organ. Prevention is always better than cure and this awareness will allow us to balance things out when there is a disharmony. Health is very important to a good life and knowledge like this helps us before our health is affected.

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