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Causes Of External Diseases According To TCM Herbology

There are many causes of sicknesses. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are include under two broad categories of internal and external causes. Here we shall discuss some of the external reasons that affect our health. External environmental causes are classified under the following headings and describe how people are affected by climatic and seasonal changes. They are namely:

  • Cold

  • Heat

  • Damp

  • Dry

  • Wind

So someone who has hay fever will dread spring flowers, the rheumatism sufferer can predict rain by the aching in his bones, thunder weather will often set off a migraine headache. If you observe children's behavior, you may notice that it often reflects the outside elements. We are as much part of nature as the ocean and the sky and therefore must be affected by natural seasonal and climatic changes in the same way.

Chinese medicine diagnoses disease according to nature using these elements. If your child is suffering from a cold or the flu, for example, he would be described in Chinese terms as suffering from an attack of wind-cold or wind-heat. Children naturally suffer from many illnesses each year and some are necessary to help them build up their immune system. However, you can protect your child against unnecessary bouts of illness, by dressing him in warm clothes in cold weather, and by keeping the back of his neck covered as the so called 'wind-gate' of the body is located just at the base of the neck.

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