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Causes Of Diseases According To Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

What Are The Factors That Causes Of Diseases?

Chinese medical herbology looks at diseases in a very different way compared to conventional Western medicine. Ancient Chinese herbalists consider imbalanced diets, traumatic experiences, lifestyle which is imbalanced, parasites, various foods and environmental toxins, our body's weak and imbalanced constitution, improper nutrition, as well as food poisoning to be some the causes of diseases. Modern stressful lifestyles is also one of the main culprit. Lack of sleep, insomnia, inadequate exercise and even excessive sexual intercourse are also some of the contributory factors to diseases.

Chinese herbalists put lots of emphasis on the importance of balancing yin and yang. When this is imbalanced, then there is a chance for diseases to develop. For women, one of the main clue of deteriorating health is to monitor women's monthly period. For example, excessive pain during period is not a good sign for women, and if the period's cycle is not consistent and is more than seven days out compared to the average normal menstrual cycle of women, then this may be a sign of bad health for women. Fortunately, Chinese herbal medicine has accumulated thousands of years of experience to help resolve issues due to menstrual abnormality.

Causes Of Diseases Due To Sexuality 

According to ancient Chinese herbalists, when there is an excessive sexual intercourse, it will weaken our health and energy. It basically depletes our Kidney Essence. Some of the symptoms of kidney Essence depletion includes the following:

  • Dental problems

  • Tinnitus

  • Dizziness

  • Low energy

  • Loss of hearing

  • Loss of eyesight

  • Lower-back pain

  • Premature signs of age

Sometimes, it is obvious to many people that excessive sexual activities lead to an immediate lost of vigor, mental and physical strength. Youthfulness will soon be lost and the person will age quicker.



Causes Of Disease Due To Physical Activity

When we are inactive, our energy, qi and blood will stagnate. In Chinese herbology point of view, this is not good for health and it will eventually lead to various diseases. Besides, it affects the functions of our body's organs, and lower our immunity.

Stress a culprit in our modern lifestyle. Stress leads to many chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. There are many symptoms of stress and they include, but not limited to, insomnia, irritations, irregular heart beats, depression, and abnormal behavior.

Physical activities must be done in moderation. Over exertion including over exercise, is actually harmful to our health. Exercise in moderation is good but once done excessively, it is harmful to our hearts. Chinese herbalists believe that excessive perspiration from exercise will harm our internal energy or qi. Young men and women may not feel it, but for the older people, it is actually quite harmful.

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