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Balance Qi For Healing With Five Elements

The sheng cycle is the most important relationship of the Elements in that deficiency in one Element easily leads to a secondary deficiency or excess in the 'child' Element. The ke cycle, however, tends to produce more complex interrelationships. This means that if the organs of an Element are out of balance they may 'insult' the organs of the Element that should be controlling it. For example. if the Liver suffers it may produce imbalance in the Lungs.

Any Element can be adversely affected along the sheng and/or ke cycles by imbalance in any other Element. In clinical practice practitioners see complex pictures of imbalance that make it hard to be sure by which route one Element has been affected by another. The key lies in understanding which Element was the first to become imbalanced. The practitioner focuses much of the treatment on this Element and thereby affects other Elements that have become imbalanced. This enables the practitioner to generate improvement in the person's qi by treating at the root of the person's disharmony.

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