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Workings Of Nature's Laws And Good Health

Physical Health And the Law Of Tolerance


It is a fact that Nature's Laws are operating constantly, and although we cannot see the cause, we can see the effect. Let me show an example of the effect of the law of tolerance. A soldier may suffer from the effect of shrapnel wounds. A piece of shrapnel may be lodged in some part of the arm or shoulder, and Nature's protective forces have been at work and covered the piece of metal by manufacturing a special tissue. This accomplished, the body begins to tolerate the metal in the body and, if no disease appears, it gives an example of the law of tolerance.


Workings Of The Internal Organs And The Law Of Compensation


The law of compensation can be easily seen at work by studying the following case: A lady suffering from kidney disease finds that her heart is affected after a few months of suffering. The kidneys have been working overtime, so to speak, and now the heart is taking over a share of the work. The heart may enlarge slightly in order to cope with this added labor. The heart is compensating.


Health And Law Of Excitation


Perhaps we can gather some idea of the effect of the law of excitation. A person who is a smoker may find that he cannot get a bowel action in the morning until he has had a smoke from a pipe or cigarette. Whilst inhaling tobacco smoke he is absorbing poison in small quantities. The body is being taught to rely on stimulants. Now Nature makes an attempt to rid the body of poisons, and so works on the excretory system which has been brought into activity by the irritation in the upper respiratory channels acting reflexly, and hence the bowels are excited into activity.


Another example of this law would be shown by the following: A lady taking her daily dose of salts for the constipated condition finds by her mode of living she cannot do without it. She thinks that the bowels are moved by the salts, but she over-looks the fact that the salts are poisonous and that Nature in her attempt to eliminate poisons has supplied more fluid to the intestinal canal and so throws off most of the salts and moves the bowels at the same time. Needless to say she would be a candidate for high blood pressure and rheumatism. In this lady's case we find a good example of the working of the law of excitation.


Diseases And The Law Of Associated Phenomena


There is another law which can be called the law of associated phenomena. An organ in a distant part of the
body to the diseased organ can be likewise affected in the same way according to the law of associated phenomena.  Supposing the kidneys were affected in some patient. If this condition was not remedied we would be likely to find, amongst other conditions, a weakening of the eyesight. I have known numerous cases suffering from kidney disease likewise showing their eyes affected. Hence an example of the working of the law of associated phenomena.


Health And Diseases Are Related To The Law Of Emergence


Then, again, we might quote another law, namely, the law of emergence. Even as a tree emerges gradually from a tiny seed, so a disease, or health, if you please, may emerge from the kinds of seed we sow. If we are sowing seeds of poison in the nature of de-natured foods, etc., then we may expect to find a tree of disease. This law can be applied to the mind; good seeds of thought -- good reactions, bad seeds of thought -- bad reactions.


Healing And The Law Of Justice


There are numerous other laws at work, but the principal one is called the law of action and reaction, or Nature's law of justice. It is one of the most important of Nature and can be applied to almost any phenomena; no matter whether it is dealing with health or disease, or any other thing, it is working silently and continually. This being the case it is up to us to do those things which are likely to have a good reaction. 


Therefore, it is very important that we must be aware of how the workings of these nature's laws play an important role in contributing to our good health or diseases.  Awareness brings about doing the right things to our body and mind, and thus radiant health free of diseases.

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