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Wet Packs For Healing Health

How To Use Wet Packs For Healing Our Illnesses

Wet packs for healing health may be applied to any part of the body and the different kinds of packs used are as follows:

  1. Full Sheet Pack

  2. Spanish Mantle

  3. Body Pack

  4. Abdominal Pack

  5. Chest Pack

  6. Scotch Pack

  7. Throat Pack

  8. T. Pack

  9. Leg Pack

  10. Foot Pack

  11. Hip Pack

How many layers of wet linen, including dry flannel, will be determined by the patients' vitality, his or her temperature, and the objective of the application which could be any of the followings:

  • To lower high temperature

  • To raise a subnormal temperature

  • To relieve inner congestions

  • To promote elimination

  • To relieve pain

  • To stimulate sluggish circulation

For instance, if the objective is to reduce the body's high temperature, then we can apply a few layers of wet linen.  And they should be wrapped around the patient's body and also covered by a few (say one or two) layers of some dry flannel wrappings.  In this way, the bed will be prevented from getting wet. When the packs are dried or has become too hot, they must be renewed.  However if the objective is to increase subnormal temperature, then the use of wet linen must be less while increasing the use of more dry covering.  In this case, packs must be left on a longer time frame for about 30-120 minutes.

In the case of relieving inner congestion, or promoting elimination, then we can consider applying less wet linen and increase the use of dry wrappings instead.


Also, another important point to remember when we apply the packs is that we can give the bed some kind of protection.  For example, we can spread a sheet of rubber on the mattress.  However, we must not use the oilcloth or sheet of rubber for outer covering.  This would create an interference with some of the treatment objective, in particular heat radiation.  It will be important to ensure that the outer cover is porous and warm, allowing the heat and poisonous gases from the body a chance to escape.



Various Wet Packs For Healing Diseases

Local Compresses

When we are dealing with a local inflammation such as colitis, appendicitis, ovaritis, then we can apply cooling compresses and slipped it under the pack, and over the inflammation.  In this manner, we can change the local compresses whenever they are dry or hot.  This technique will leave the larger pack undisturbed.  If there is a fever with high temperature, then consider using a cooling compress on the medulla oblongata or at the nape of the patient's neck.  These are the points where the brain centers are located and where the inner body temperatures (thermostatic centers) are regulated.  The entire organism will experience a cooling effect when these brain centers are cooled.

The Full Sheet Pack

We can spread 2-3 blankets on the bed, depending on the season of the year, room and patient's temperature.  Prepare a bed sheet, wrung the bed sheet in cold water, and spread it over the blanket.  Then get a truck pack or a linen part of the body and wrung it in cold water, and use it to spread over the bed sheet.  Subsequently, we have to wrap the patient's body quickly with the sheet.  Tuck the sheet in between the arms and body, as well as between the legs.  Then tuck the top blanket around the body --- fold the ends in and over the patient's feet, and also around his or her neck.  At this stage, you need to use the 2nd and 3rd blankets, and repeat the same process.  Use safety pins and pin them safely and firmly.  The end result is the pack and the patient will look something like an Egyptian mummy.


In a while, you will notice that the patient will start to perspire or start to feel warm.  Usually you will see this in just a few minutes.  If the patient still feel cold, then you need to prepare a few hot water bottles and cover them at the sides of the patient with another blanket.  Then allow him or her to be in the whole body pack for about 10-30 minutes to perspire.  But he must feel comfortable without exhaustion.  After you remove the patient from the pack, then perform a quick cold rub.  This can be done in the bath tub or, if convenient, in the bed.

Alternating Packs

If febrile diseases starts to worsen, then we cannot continue using the whole sheet packs. Instead, we can consider using arm pack, body pack, or lung, chest and throat packs. If the febrile diseases continued for some time, it may be better to alternate these various different packs.  This will have the function of drawing blood successively into the lower and upper portions of the body. If the temperature becomes very high, then consider applying packs to the body and to the extremities simultaneously.

When the packs become dry or hot, take them off.  Also you need to take them off if they become chilling and cold. Of course, if a patient fails to react to a pack within a few minutes after it is applied, a hot water bottle should be placed alongside to help in establishing the reaction. Every time a pack that has become hot or dry is taken off the body, this must be followed by a cold rub of the parts.

Spanish Mantle

The Spanish mantle consists in giving the patient a whole body sponge with cold water, or subjecting the patient to a cool spray and then, without drying, wrapping him up in a dry sheet and covering him with plenty of blankets. This form of treatment is not so heroic as the whole sheet treatment and should be used in the middle fevers. It is invaluable in the treatment of sleeplessness and somnambulism. When the Spanish mantle is removed, the body should be sponged off thoroughly.


The other packs are applied in much the same manner as the above applications, and the sizes of them are as follows:

  • Body Pack 18 X 18 inches

  • Scotch 10 X 84 inches

  • Chest Pack 15 X 48 inches

  • Abdominal Pack 15 X 48 inches

  • Throat Pack 4 X 32 inches

  • Arm Pack 8 X 72 inches

  • Leg Pack 8 X 72 inches

  • Foot Pack 8 X 64 inches

  • Hand Pack 6 X 64 inches

  • T Pack 6 X 22 inches

  • Hip Pack 8 inches X 12 feet

The above measurements cover single thickness only. The linen may, of course, be doubled to be more convenient in application. The sheeting material is always one inch shorter and somewhat narrower than the flannel covering.

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