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Surgical Operations Should Be Minimized


Although surgery is necessary in some cases, yet many of the surgical operations could be avoided if people would adopt a Nature Cure system of living. How many children do we find undergoing operations for the removal of tonsils, when the cause of the affected tonsils can be found in improper feeding and in over clothing and coddling the children. If the tonsils are not too much affected they can be quickly restored to their natural healthy condition by a change in diet, by periodic fasting, by exercise, sunlight, and fresh air and by local natural treatment.

Natural Treatment May Avoid Surgical Operations


The same can be said about appendicitis. A thorough overhauling of the body by the indicated Nature Cure treatment has saved many a patient from losing his or her appendix. We claim that these organs are of use to the body. The tonsils usually enlarge and become inflamed when poisons gather in the system because of defective elimination and this is also true of the appendix. It is likely that the appendix acts as a lubricant to the ascending colon. Take the appendix out and constipation follows in a great majority of cases. Gall-stones call for operation from the medical viewpoint in some cases, but Nature Cure methods can claim many cures without the aid of the surgeon. When Nature Cure becomes more widely known, then we may see a reduction in the number of operations for various complaints.

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