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Cause Of Disease

The primary cause of all disease, excluding accidents, is Violation of Nature’s Laws in one way or another. The state of disease may be produced by over-eating; by constant purging with mineral poisons; by wrong combinations of food; by the absorption of chemicals used in the adulteration of food-stuffs, by de-natured and de-mineralized foods which have the important vitamins and mineral salts taken out of them; by inherent taints and tendencies; by suppression of disease by poisonous drugs, vaccines, and serums, by morbid and violent emotions; by lack of hygiene; by mechanical misplacements such as misplaced vertebra which may impinge the normal nerve flow; by suppression of natural emotions.

Disease Cure

Before the Naturopath attempts to treat his patient he ascertains the cause of the trouble. If a person comes to him sufferings from Rheumatism then it is very likely that he will find the cause in dietetic errors, and so rearrange the patient's food and drink. In every case of disease it is necessary to avoid de-natured or chemicalised foods. Lindlahr and other pioneer Nature Cure Physicians found hat these foods leeched some of the minerals from the body, resulting in a diseased condition.


As an example of this fact see how the expectant mother sometimes finds her teeth faulty after the baby is born. although the baby may be quite normal. Conditions like these usually occur when the mother eats foods which are de-natured and de-vitalized.

One of the natural remedies is fasting which can be performed for long or short periods.  Fasting is extensively used by Nature Cure Practitioners for the quick elimination of poisons which may cause disease. Hot and cold water is used in various ways, especially by packs and sitz baths, for water can be very effective in the cure of disease. Air baths, sun baths, and exercise are three other agents necessary for the cure of disease. Most of the Naturopaths are skilled in the art and science of Manipulative Surgery and so they employ Osteopathy, Chiropractic, and other manipulative methods.

Electricity is used in many forms, such as in Diathermy for deep penetration, Morse wave for rhythmic massage of the digestive tract and High Frequency electricity for general and special stimulation.

The Naturopath at the same time knows that he cannot put new life into the body by these means; he can only prepare the way for a greater influx of vital force which comes form the great intelligence, or shall we say God. The use of artificial sunshine is becoming increasingly popular because of the remarkable results obtained. It is only in recent years that the great medical profession has turned its attention to this most important drugless method. Of course, natural sunshine is best when obtainable. Bio-chemic and homoeopathic remedies are employed by most of the Naturopaths. They have been found to be very effective in bringing about crisis periods which when handled in the right way are beneficial. They act by reacting on their corresponding substances in the body.

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