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When all the natural foods which Naturopaths recommend cannot be obtained then we can resort to natural herbal remedies. Herbs are a product of Nature, therefore we recommend them. It may happen that even some of our patients need in the first instance, on commencing Nature Cure, extra help for the purpose of assisting Nature in the elimination of poisonous wastes from the body, helping to restore normal conditions.


For this purpose herbs are far better and safer remedies to take than the inorganic remedies that are prescribed by most doctors in general practice and taken by the public in general. Many a time we have repeated that the body is a highly refined vehicle and therefore the taking of crude minerals and drugs into the body, due to their relatively low rate of vibratory activity, must be harmful to the body. Indeed, we find it so, as we are daily finding that these poisonous remedies have set up other diseased conditions. Herbs are safer and more suitable for taking internally.



Healing Herbs


The various herbs, seeds, barks, flowers, roots, berries, and woods are all useful in assisting Nature's healing efforts. Whether senna is needed for the bowels as an aperient or nettle seeds for the blood, or juniper berries for kidney complaints or remedies such as echinacea root (a good homoeopathic medicine) for those who suffer from boils.


Thyme and tansy for nervous complaints in conjunction with skullcap. Irish moss in conjunction with ragwort for chest complaints, etc. There are certain minerals in their organic form contained in these herbs and the body seizes upon them to help metabolism, or in other words for use in the building up process and the breaking down process, also to help the internal secretions of the ductless glands in their chemical activity. only the best herbs are used by Naturopaths and then only occasionally to assist Nature in its healing efforts.

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