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Natural Therapeutics has in many ways helped solved many of human sicknesses, and  ailments.  There may come a time when other systems may have to adopt the way of Natural Cures.  One can describe this healing art as the hub of the art of healing, and some even consider it as the mother of all therapeutic methods. These natural healing science include (but not limited to) Osteopathy, Naturopathy, and Chiropractic healing.




Naturopathy is a constructive method of treatment which aims to remove the basic causes of disease. One can say that it is a revolution in the science and art of living. Natural healing, in a sense, can be defined as the realization as well as the application of all that is beneficial in the Science of Natural Philosophy and spiritual practices. Hence these methods of treatments are used, and, when used intelligently and in accordance with the laws nature, will speedily bring about that harmonious condition of the body which we call health.




Osteopathy is a mechanical method of treatment which aims to correct muscular contractions, relaxed muscles, abnormal conditions of ligaments, and misplaced bony structures, hence the hands are used for this purpose. It was discovered by Dr. Still, of America, and was announced as far back as 1874. Osteopathy has grown considerably since then and, with the addition of new technique and improved treatment tables, many cures stand to its credit.




The chiropractic practice involves the use of his or her hands for the adjustment and palpation of the movable parts of the spinal column. Those of the vertebra which are found to be misplaced are adjusted to normal position so that the nerve impulses can once again flow normally to the organs or tissues which that particular nerve supplies. Chiropractic itself is not a cure all but, nevertheless, many cures are accomplished by this method alone.



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