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The Nature Cure school claims that in acute diseases, water treatment or hydrotherapy -- which utilizes the principles of holistic healing -- will accomplish the beneficial results which some practitioners ascribe to the use of drugs.  The treatment with water could be much more efficiently and there may not be harmful side effects if applied properly.  We can learn how to use hydrotherapy and holistic healing principles in tackling many of our health issues.  And if applied properly, will lead many good results.



Healing Acute Inflammatory Diseases With Hydrotherapy

The treatment of acute inflammatory diseases may have the following objectives:

  • The immediate objective may be to relieve and clear inner congestions.  Once the congestion has been cleared, the pain in affected parts may be reduced or eliminated completely.

  • To help to improve elimination and thereby facilitating the removal of morbid materials from our system.

  • Our body and mind has energies.  Some of you can feel it but some cannot.  Nevertheless, the treatment will improve our positive electro-magnetic energy.

  • To improve the ozone and oxygen in our system, and hence promoting combustion and oxidation.

  • Temperature above a certain degree may be a concern or even dangerous.  This will help maintain the temperature below the danger level by promoting heat radiation through the skin.

The application of cold packs has a number of benefits to the body.  One of the more important one is that when cold packs are applied to the body, it will draw blood to the skin from the interior of the body which is congested.  In this way, the blood vessels will be relaxed and the pores will be encouraged to open.  This will facilitate heat to escape from our body.

In all febrile diseases which is inflammatory, it is possible that blood may be congested in the inflamed parts.  And the 4 cardinal symptoms typical for inflammation includes, but not limited to, redness, swelling, heat and pain.


If the congestion is serious, and the sick person's pain becomes unbearable, then the inflammatory processes will become a problem. Hence, one of the immediate consideration is to quickly relieve the local blood pressure in those parts which are affected.  This can be done quite effectively by using the packs.


Hydrotherapy Via Cold Water Treatment

The above objectives can be attained with the cold water treatment.  When it comes to acute condition like a common cold or febrile diseases, the correct application of cold water treatment may help to improve the ailments.

Note that the action of most antipyretic drugs does not begin until about one hour after their administration, which is really one hour lost, as compared with the instantaneous action of the cold water applications which may materially reduce the temperature immediately.

Temperature of Water:
Cold 40 to 60 F.
Cool 60 to 70 F.
Tepid 70 to 90 F.
Warm 90 to 100 F.
Hot 100 to 110 F.

Above 110 F water loses its therapeutic value and is destructive.


Law of Action and Reaction

Any action is always followed by a reaction which is destructive. An example of this is that an ordinary hand ball when thrown against a wall will rebound with the same force as was expended in throwing it. The same thing happens with cold water. The first effect is to chill the skin and drive the blood into the interior; then a reaction takes place, and the superficial capillaries dilate and the blood returns to the surface.


This is how by the application of cold water to our bodies' surface will result in the simulation of our circulation. If you take the blood counts before and after the application of this cold water treatment, you may notice an increase in the red blood cells count. It is important to understand that this cold water treatment did not create new blood cells.  It is just that the cold water treatment has stirred up blood in our systems.  It has basically activated cells which are lazy and lying inactive in our sluggish and stagnated blood stream, as well as aroused the tissues which are obstructed or clogged.



Hydrotherapy Generates Electro-Magnetic Energies For Healing

Another important influence of hydrotherapy is its power to increase the electro-magnetic energies in the human body. This is the result of suddenly using cold water on the body and it may have the effect of making our respiration deep and quick.  Also, the cold water application may lead to a contrasting effect of heat and cold outside and inside of our body.  This, coupled with the acceleration of our circulation, may make the application of cold water becomes like a tool helping to improve the energy circulation in our bodies.



Right Temperature In Hydrotherapy To Heal Acute Diseases

In the treatment of acute diseases care must be taken not to lower the temperature too much by the excessive coldness or unduly prolonging the duration of the water treatment. It is sufficient to reduce the body temperature to just below the danger point. This will allow the inflammatory processes to run their natural course through the five progressive stages of inflammation, and this natural course will then be followed by perfect regeneration of the affected parts.


According to some school of thoughts, temperature in acute diseases itself is very rarely a cause for concern, as the degeneration in the organs is due to the poison rather than to the fever. Hydrotherapy is much more preferable than antipyretics drugs which may lower resistance. Again, it must be remembered that the lowering of the body temperature may mean the lowering of the body's metabolism. The essential idea is that antipyretics lower metabolism and resistance, while hydrotherapy raises metabolism.

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