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How To Do Bowel Cleansing With Naturopathic Diet

This ten day Naturopathic diet can be used every few months if the person has abdominal pain or any sign of bowel disturbance such as constipation, loose odorous stools or flatulence. It is a diet high in fiber, particularly soluble fiber, and low in meat protein. It is a balanced diet and can be followed for long periods of time or even indefinitely with no danger to the person.


Naturopathic Diet Encourages The Correct Type And Quantity Of Bacteria To Develop In The Bowel:

  • WHOLE GRAINS, which should be eaten at least at two out of three meals per day, for example, oats, barley, brown rice, millet, polenta.

  • LEGUMES, which should be eaten at one meal per day, with a whole grain for best protein utilization, for example, lentils, haricot beans, berlotti beans, adzuki beans, lima beans, mung beans (if no flatulence occurs).
    To prepare: soak beans overnight in water. Throw away water, cover with fresh water, and cook till tender.

  • VEGETABLES should be included in two meals per day, using at least two different varieties.

  • NUTS AND SEEDS. A small quantity, about 15 g(1/2 oz) daily, of un-roasted nuts and seeds may be used, e.g. sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, pine nuts.

  • FRUIT including dried fruit, may be eaten freely as long as it does not suppress the appetite for grains, legumes and vegetables.

  • YOGHURT unsweetened, add your own fresh fruit, about 1/2-1 cup daily.


  • MEAT AND FISH. As fish is the most easily digested meat this can be eaten two or three times per week. All other meat is best kept to a maximum of once per week.

  • No eggs.

  • No cheese except ricotta or cottage.

  • AVOID ALL PROCESSED FOOD, particularly processed grains such as white flour or white rice. Avoid sugar and foods containing sugar.  Processed breakfast cereals that contain sugar and are not made from whole grains, including bran, should not be used. Food that contains artificial additives, colorings and preservatives should not be eaten.

SUPPLEMENTS are part of the bowel cleansing program but are not essential to this diet. However, they will speed up the effects of this diet and amplify its effectiveness.

  • Oat bran - 4 teaspoons per day

  • Linseed (ground) - 4 teaspoons per day

  • Lactobacillis acidophilus powder

  • Lactobacillis bifidus

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