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In most cases the road to heath is studded by periods of marked improvement and by days of apparent reverse, which must be understood in their true light. These health crisis periods, as they are called, are changes for better or for worse. A healing crisis always works for the good of the individual. A change for the worse may be turned into a healing crisis by right treatment or vice versa.



Healing Crisis


Unnatural living fills the blood stream with poisonous waste material which, if allowed to accumulate, will, in time thicken the blood until it cannot flow through some of the smaller blood vessels. If the eliminative organs do not take care of the waste there will come a time when it precipitates or settles in the tissues of the body. After a course of natural treatment the vitality of the cells of the body are raised to the point where systemic waste can be thrown off. This waste is then collected by the blood stream and the patient experiences a temporary recurrence of his old aches and pains. This marks the beginning of a healing crisis which should prove very beneficial if left to run a natural course. If, however, this acute healing effort of nature is interfered with by wrong diet, by drugs, by unnecessary surgery, or other suppressive methods of treatment, the poisons are driven back into the tissues to cause trouble later.



Natural Treatments And Healing Crisis


It has been found that these crisis periods occur at the sixth and seventh weeks after commencing a course of natural treatment. This is perfectly in accord with one of the laws of nature---the law of periodicity, or as it is sometimes called, the law of sevens. Does this not show you that Nature Cure is built on a solid rock as it were, and works in harmony with Nature's Laws! However, we must observe the vitality of each patient. If very low in vitality, then we aim to bring about mild healing crisis periods in order that as little of this vitality as possible is used up. Fasting may be indicated or changes in diet --- these are some natural therapies strategies to assist the body during the healing crisis.  But you must understand the situation very well before implement these natural way of healing.

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