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Healing Acute Diseases

Understanding Acute Diseases According to Nature's Law

Every acute diseases is a result of a cleansing and healing effort of Nature. This law, thoroughly understood and applied, will do for medical science what the discovery of other natural laws has done for astronomy, chemistry, physics, etc. The modern Naturopaths, taught that feeding in acute diseases was not only useless, but actually harmful, because in such conditions the normal activities of the organism, including the processes of digestion and assimilation, are at a standstill. All efforts are concentrated upon elimination; the stomach and bowels being called upon to assist in the general house cleaning. Instead of assimilating, they too are eliminating noxious poisons which produce nausea, vomiting, diarrheas, and catarrhal excretions. We need to understand that the digestive organs is like a sponge.  They will absorb the foods from our digestive tract.  Then, it will be transported to our blood stream.  In febrile diseases the process is reversed, that is the sponge is being squeezed. It is throwing off morbid secretions, thus aiding the cleansing crisis.

Supposing a person suddenly develops a cold. It is quite likely that we would find that he had been eating too much of the starchy foods and overlooking the fact that a properly balanced diet is required to maintain health. Possibly a draught may have excited his organism to acute eliminative effort hence a cold develops. This is an example of an acute disease; it shows you that it is Nature's efforts at elimination, and is really beneficial and constructive. The continued suppression of colds with Quinine and other preparations, and also the usual stuffing with food-stuffs, is one of the sure roads leading to chronic diseases. How do we know that the suppression of acute disease lead to worse conditions? The answer is that by strict observation of the workings of Nature's laws on live human beings, and the knowledge that suppression in certain acute ailments leads to definite conditions of ill health, and the finding of these conditions in our everyday practice, cannot fail to convince anyone. We do not need to have our eyes glued to the end of a microscope to find out what particular germ brings these conditions of ill-health along. We know the cause --- violation of Nature's laws on a consistent or daily basis. However, the bacteriologist, the vivisector, and others who have not yet attained that insight into the workings of Nature's Law will carry on with their doubtful and sometimes brutal investigations, until the public sense the truth. Then we may find physicians turning their attention to the drugless methods when they discover in their medical practices truths that we not taught in medical schools or pointed out by pharmaceutical companies and their sales' representatives. Indeed, there are signs of this going on at the present time.



Healing Acute Diseases Through Natural Remedies

Healing acute diseases can be tricky.  You will be bombarded with all kinds of information.  Natural remedies maybe an effective way for healing our health or for the healing of acute diseases. They are air, fasting water, and the right mental attitude. It is a great fallacy to "sustain" a patient and "keep up his strength" by plenty of nourishing food and drink or by tonics at these times. This is the common practice, but Nature often protests against this outrage by taking away the appetite. The use of enema on a daily basis, water treatment, diluted fruit juices, and strained vegetable soups are some of the useful measures in acute diseases until feverish conditions subside. A gradual return to normal diet is then indicated.

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