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Glands And Good Health

Chemical messengers or hormones are the natural drugs of the body and they play a large part in the maintenance of health and normal development. Some of the most important physiological and clinical research of recent years has been the intensive study of the functions of these important ductless glands and the allied activities of other glands which, though not ductless, are in some cases believed to have a secondary and important function through their internal secretions. The normal functions of these important glands in our body is a sign of good health. Much has been achieved in this direction in the true line of scientific progress, but, unfortunately, many exaggerated or at all events oft-times unconfirmed claims have been made as to treatment of disorders arising from these various researches.


We are not quite sure how early in fetal life the various endocrine organs begin to function. This much is certain: that they do function immediately after birth and they influence all the vital functions that enable the new born baby to carry on. Growth and development are stimulated and regulated directly through endocrine influence. The digestive processes are in part subject to endocrine domination. Metabolism is regulated by it. In short the physical functions depend in a considerable degree upon the endocrines. Moreover, the emotions influence and are influenced by several of the endocrines glands, notably the adrenals. We know that our character formation, our tendencies; our special predilections to art, music, sciences, and so on, are more or less developed through endocrine influence.

It has been conclusively proven that we are tall or short, fat or thin, full of life or inert, clever or stupid, according to the function of these glands. There is the thyroid and parathyroid, the pituitary, thymus, pineal, adrenals, spleen, gonads, etc., all situated in different parts of the body and having as their duty to keep the body balanced, each one having a different function, but all related to one another.

With the discovery of the functions of these glands, medical science has experimented and applied extracts of glands from animals, but there has been no great success. We have found out that by stimulating the various glands in the body to increased activity, great results have been achieved. One of the best ways of doing this is by the fasting method. A few days fast each month will so relieve the body of toxic waste materials that the ductless glands are brought into increase activity and so give one that buoyant feeling of
radiant health. A diet which is largely made up of raw foods is also important because of the vitamins and mineral salts contained therein. These vitamins and mineral salts are absolutely essential for attainment and preservation of that degree of health which is everyone's birthright.


How Emotions And Thoughts Affect Glands Functions

The advantages of right thinking play a large part in the efficient working of these important chemical laboratories. For instance, we find that worry depresses to a large degree the functioning of these glands, consequently various kinds of disorder arise in people who are habitually worrying. I have found that people can worry to such an extent that the natural secretions of the digestive tract are completely inhibited in secretion, so much so that these unfortunate patients are quite unable to even digest a simple meal or even
to ingest one. Other diseases or symptoms soon begin to follow one another in a pernicious sequence.

See how an uplifting thought or a pleasant surprise gives one that buoyant feeling. This is specifically due to the stimulating influence of positive thoughts or emotions on the ductless glands. Conversely, the receipt of sad news depresses one considerably, and it can be seen that this is due again to the effect of thought or emotion upon the ductless glands, thus inhibiting their secretions.


Realizing that these statements are perfectly true, it behooves every one of us to endeavor to look on the bright side of things, enjoy our lives to the utmost, and set ourselves thinking along constructive lines. Enjoy helping others this being of the greatest sources of happiness, and even if you are not well, think about these ductless glands and then plan what can be done mentally and physically to stimulate them to increase activity and set about doing it. Visualize yourself actually in good health, and in happy surroundings. Have faith in Nature and in the great intelligence and soon you will experience a welcome sensation of well-being which shows That you are on the road to radiant health. Rejuvenate yourself by these auto endocrinological methods, they surpass all gland extract treatment and gland grafting operations. I think the results obtained by spiritual healers, faith healers, psychologists, and similar can be explained by the fact that the ductless glands in each case have received that necessary stimulus to bring about a beneficial result.


Much more could be said and written about these wonderful chemical regulators of the many functions of the body. suffice to say that by carrying out the rational methods of living and treatment, and by right thinking as advocated by others as well as myself, one can go far in attaining that supreme degree of radiant health which depends to a great extent on the normal condition and functioning of the ductless glands.

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