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Fever And Self Healing

There has been lots of discussions on whether fever is a good or bad thing. Fever may be brought to normal by many ways, for example, by using of cold water, or with antipyretics drugs.  There is a  belief from some school of thoughts that the feverish patient needs his temperature to increase his immunity to help him fight the bacteria and viral infections. We need to consider carefully if the fever is beneficial. It is very unfortunate that many physicians or herbalists resort to immediately reduce fever without giving deep thoughts to this question.  There are cases with typhoid fever and diphtheria that patients get along better without bringing down the fever.  Therefore, more research is needed to understand fever so that we will be able to tackle it correctly without harming the patients.


Self Healing

It is known that it is likely that fever may trigger inflammation.  When there is an inflammation, healers and physicians will try all kinds of healing solutions to cut it short because it is believed to be harmful.  However, in the last few decades, healers and even physicians are starting to understand more about feverish condition.  They are starting to appreciate that fever may be Nature's reaction to defend and protect the body against the advancement of an injurious agent, for instance some bacteria and viral infection.  The fever may help the physical body to produce more substances to neutralize those poisons, including some bacteria and virus. In other words, the body is an intelligent organism and may be able produce more antibodies whenever there is a fever.  Considering this perspective, there is a school of thought that cutting short the patient's febrile reaction with antipyretic drugs may be short sighted.

When antipyretics drugs first came into use they were hailed with the hope that they would cure all feverish patients and the patients were immediately rendered normal temperature. The consequence was a great increase in mortality. Some cases of typhoid and diphtheria double the mortality than they did without the antipyretics. All that they accomplish is to enable the patient to die with a normal temperature. This has led to some re-thinking on the use of antipyretics drugs. Fever and self healing are twin topics that need further research.

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