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Essential Oils Therapy

Essential oils, also known as volatile or aromatic oils, are found in many plants. Plants with a strong aroma will often contain essential oil. Essential oils are unrelated to vegetable oils and animal fats.

Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and potent substances and although they contribute significantly to the therapeutic activity of many medicinal plants, they are all toxic in relatively low doses when taken internally. This applies especially to babies and small children and it is generally recommended not to use pure essential oils internally.

Essential Oil Absorption Through The Skin

Due to the lipid-solubility of essential oils, they are readily absorbed through the skin. Thus, applying them to the skin is an indirect form of internal administration. The use of fragrant massage oils (massage oils containing essential oil) on babies should be avoided. You should use a good quality cold pressed vegetable oil such as wheat germ or almond oil instead.

A couple of essential oils can be added to a pure vegetable massage-oil in very low concentration and used therapeutically to relieve colic in babies.

Essential Oil Steam Treatment

Another way of using essential oils is inhalation. This method is employed both in aromatherapy and medical herbalism. The simplest way to administer essential oils this way is:

  • To add a few drops of essential oil to hot water

  • Either in a saucepan or in an oil burner

  • Ceramic oil burners with a small dish for water and essential oil on top and a candle underneath are readily available

  • Oil burners give the room a pleasant smell and many people have them burning almost constantly, filling the room with evaporated essential oil.


This is not a good idea, however, because the constant exposure to essential oil can have a negative effect on the lungs. This especially applies to babies and smaller children. An oil burner with a few drops of eucalyptus oil is ideal when the child has a cold and the airways are congested. Have it burning in the child's bedroom for a couple of hours at night. Do make sure that the burner is out of the child's reach.

Always keep essential oils where children cannot get to them.

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