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Diseases Diagnosis

The Naturopath is an all-round diagnostician. He utilizes the most up-to-date methods as well as the already established medical methods for the diseases diagnosis. Accuracy in ailments diagnosis is a very necessary procedure because it has been proved that by the ordinary methods of diagnosis in use at the present time a large proportion of cases are treated for something which is not present.



How Natural Therapies View Diseases Diagnosis

In most cases of paralysis and Locomotor Ataxia where syphilis has been blamed as the cause, but Naturopathic diagnosis has proved that Mercury administrated for syphilis was the cause. There is an old way of observing tongue, feeling the patient's pulse, asking some detail questions, and this have proven to be the ancient method for some of the great herbalists in India and China.  They are also followed the natural law's and base their great traditional of herbalism on nature's law.


Some Naturopaths compare and correlate the revelation of Nature's records in the iris, and use that information along with the findings of the Osteopathic, Chiropractic, and Neuropathic examinations. An examination of the iris often reveals conditions in the body that could not be discovered in any other way. This form of diagnosis is used and understood by all progressive Naturopaths, but it is almost unknown to medical practitioners.



Diseases Diagnosis According to Western Medicine

The usual medical treatment of diseases is combative, whilst the natural method aims at the removal of the cause. Kill the Germ is the medical slogan of to-day, and this is accomplished by means of poisonous drugs and medicines, by vaccines and serums, and in some cases by surgical removal of diseased organs.

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