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Benefits Of Massage For Health And Healing

It doesn't matter how old or young your are, most of us love to be touched. It is the sense upon which all others are based and is probably the earliest to develop in the human embryo. Even though everyone is different in how often, by whom, when and where they like to be touched (and these differences are often class or culture based), it is one of the most important form of communication in our lives. Massage is healing and it has many benefits to our health including stress release.

Massage To Stimulate The Internal Organs And Prevent Illness

Massage also has the capacity to stimulate the internal organs, which helps to maintain and promote their healthy functioning. It can regulate involuntary activities, such as:

  • Digestion

  • Circulation

and has successfully been used in the East for thousands of years to support health and prevent illness.

Massage Benefits Babies, Infants And Children

One of the most common findings from parents who regularly massage their children is that the children become more and more relaxed and over some stress better because the massage gives them a very good form of release. At the same time as these more visible results, massage stimulates the infants' circulatory, respiratory and gastro-intestinal functions. Common ailments for babies such as colic and wind are often quickly relieved.


Massage Enhance Bonding Between Parents And Child

For centuries, both in the East and West, parents and grandparents have used their hands and sometimes even their feet to gently massage the bodies of their newborn infants. It played a major role in strengthening the relationship between parent and child and resulted in happy, calmer, healthy babies.

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