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Tai Chi Chuan And Meditation Help To Release Worry And Tension Emotions

"When a drunk man falls from the cart he does not hurt himself as other men. Chuang Tzu says this is because He knows nothing about the vehicle or the fall. Concern for life or death never enters his breast. Therefore, he is not afraid to collide with things."

The drunk man in the story was relaxed. That is why he didn't hurt himself. Worry or tension should be avoided. According to Chuang Tzu, if you are free of worry, you are not afraid. This is different from taking precautions to keep from being injured or hurt.

A story is told in China of a boy who was home alone in the countryside. His family was working away from the house, and the boy had made a fire to keep warm. All of a sudden the head of a wolf appeared between the two sides of the swinging doors of the house. The boy didn't know it was a wolf; he thought it was a dog. Grabbing one end of a burning stick from the fire, he thrust it straight at the wolf and said, "I'll burn you." Terrified, the wolf pulled back from the fire, and his neck became caught between the doors. The more he tried to retreat, the tighter his head was caught in the doors. Finally he began to howl in pain.

The neighbors heard and quickly came to investigate. When they saw the body of the wolf stuck in the door. they killed him:

  • The boy was safe. The fearlessness and quick thinking of the boy had saved his life.

  • Worry and tension, as shown by the wolf, cost him his life.


Tai Chi Chuan and meditation can help us develop calm, peacefulness and clarity of mind.

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