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How A Calm Mind Promotes Health And Healing

Maintain A calm Mind Live A Much Longer Life

Many Chinese idioms include references to calmness of mind, such as "calm spirit and even temper" ,
"be free of mind and happy of heart " and " keep a pleasant and peaceful frame of mind".

Health conscious people pay great attention to cultivating a calm mind, considering it the basic factor in
remaining healthy. Ancient Chinese people considered calmness the root of a long life. Tho Hongjing, a medical scientist who lived in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-581) said, "People who maintain a calm mind live a much longer life than those with a quick-temper. "


How To Remain Calmness And Preserve Health And Healing?

Remaining calm not only helps preserve one's health, but also cultivates one's character. Authors of
ancient classics joined medical scientists in stressing the need to remain calm. Sun Zi's The Art of War notes,
" It is the responsibility of the commander to be calm and inscrutable, to be impartial and strict control in enforcing discipline to someone to behave in a control way. "

Chinese and foreign military strategists throughout the ages have cherished the words of Sun Zi. One story in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms illustrates Zhuge Liang's calmness in defeating the enemy.

Ma Su, a general in the Shu Kingdom, lost Jieting due to overconfidence and personal prejudice. Wei Kingdom General Sima Yi's army of L50,000 men pressed on toward Xicheng, the base of. Zhuge Liang, a group of civil officials and 2,500 soldiers. The people, including all officials, turned pale with fright at having no time to call on reinforcements. However, the calm and steady Zhuge Liang simply told the local residents to hide. He then opened the city gate and ordered a group of soldiers to dress as local residents and clean the
streets near the gate . Zhuge Liang then climbed atop the city wall and began playing the qin ( a seven-
stringed plucked instrument) in a carefree and leisurely manner. Sima Yi viewed the unlikely scene as his army grew near the city gate. Believing there must be a massive force lying in wait for them in the city, Sima Yi ordered his forces to retreat.

This particular story serves as an excellent illustration of Sun Zi's words. No matter whether a general, civil official or an ordinary person, accomplishing a calm mind requires one to pay great attention to the following aspects:

  • Cultivating fine personal qualities.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine promotes the cultivation of both health and personality. Medical practitioners stress that morality and kind-heartedness, rather than seeking private interests and personal gains, are beneficial to the realm of thought and the harmony of vital energy and blood.

  • These beneficial traits in turn promote normal physiological activity and provide one with energy and strength.

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