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Grief Emotion Leads To Mental Illness According To Taoist Philosophy

"Hui Shih Went to express condolences to Chuang Tze on the death of his wife and found Chuang Tzu singing and beating on a basin. When questioned as to his sorrow regarding his wife's death, he replied that his wife was resting in the largest of abodes and to mourn her with much unhappiness would be not to understand fate".

People who have lost a close relative such as a spouse or child feel sadness; this sadness can easily lead to mental or physical illness:

  • One of my friends lost his mind when his son died.

  • The daughter of another friend committed suicide, and he himself subsequently developed cancer.

There is no help for death. What is lost is lost. Chuang Tzu's reply to his friend about his wife's death is an example of the Taoist idea that life is a journey and death is returning home. Even Confucianists believe that death is natural, like the disciple of Confucius who quoted the ancient saying "Death and life have their destiny."

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