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Fear Emotion Brings Sicknesses According To Taoist Tradition

"Two of Chuang Tzu's characters suddenly develop tumors on their elbows. When one asks the other if he dislikes the tumor he replies. "No. Why should I? Life itself is a loan. We borrow it and live. A living thing is but dust and dirt. Death and life are comparable to day and night, and while you and I were observing transformation, a transformation reached me. Why should I dislike it?"

In this dialogue from Chuang Tzu's writing, the speaker is indifferent to his tumors and is not afraid to die. It is very important for a patient to be:

  • unafraid, regardless of the sickness.

  • not to worry.

A peaceful mind can help the body heal itself naturally. The best medical doctors seek to console their patients; even when the illness is very serious, they reassure them and urge them not to worry. Psychology can often take the place of medicine.  In China during World War II, medical supplies were scarce, and often there would be no painkillers for the badly wounded. It was discovered that if the soldiers were given a placebo of any kind. it would stop the pain.

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