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Excessive Emotions Affects Internal Organs And Health

Excessive prolonged emotions will affect our health and immune system. For example, many Westerners are surprised to hear that excessive prolonged joy in particular, can have adverse effects on the body. But too much joy experienced continually over an extended length of time will put added stress on the Heart. Often the body will try to balance excessive happiness through tears.


Balancing Emotions And Healing Health According To TCM Herbology

Each of the Organ systems is connected with a specific emotion, and each of these emotions can affect a specific Organ system or, conversely, develop as a result of Organ imbalances. This means that if you have been grieving over a long period of time, and this sadness does not get transformed, it can energetically create disharmony in the flow of Lung Qi and physically manifest as a cold, asthma or even psoriasis. (Psoriasis is typically related to an imbalance in the Lungs, since skin is the tissue governed by the Lungs.)


Also, if over a prolonged period of time, you have Deficient Lung Qi, you may find that you are prone to bouts of melancholy or that tears flow at the slightest offence or sad story. If you worry or think too much, the Spleen Qi can become blocked, and you may experience digestive problems or bleed excessively during menstruation.

Consequently the TCM practitioner diagnoses and treats emotional symptoms within the context of physical symptoms, searching for a pattern that addresses them all. The connection between the emotional, mental and physical is particularly significant in gynecological disorders, which involve many symptoms that are not physical in nature, such as bouts of crying or angry outbursts that often precede a menstrual period. Every part of the mind-body is related and connected.

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