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Excess Desire Creates Mental Stress And Emotional Problems According To Chuang Tzu

Chuang Tzu was not interested in the high and powerful position offered to him by the king. Most people would think he was crazy not to accept such an honor. However, when someone is suddenly offered a high position, he (or she) becomes overexcited; once he has the position, there are many problems and pressures that keep him from being resourceful. If one day, he leaves the position, he becomes very sad. Many politicians who hold office become old and weak. Once they are out of office, they deteriorate physically and mentally and look twenty years older than they are.

  • Desire also includes craving for wealth or love. When people suddenly become rich or when they fall in love, they are happy and excited.

  • But when they lose their money or the love of someone they care for, they become so devastated that they may lose their health or even their minds as well.

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