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What Is Important If There Is A Balance In Our Emotions?

The interior body causes of disharmony are our seven emotions: joy, anger, anxiety, obsession, sadness, horror and fear. If we experience any of these emotions excessively over a sustained period of time, our flow of energy will be adversely affected and we may become ill. Does this mean that we are to feel only in moderation? No, we are human and we are always feeling deeply.  What is important is that there is a balance in our emotions.  For example, we may feel great joy, anger, anxiety, sadness and fear, and there may be times when we do not experience these emotions strongly.  If, however, we feel only anger or another emotion, our health may be compromised.



Healing Of Emotional Health With Regulating Emotions

Emotions are considered expressions of our Qi and accordingly will give rise to problems if they are blocked or inappropriately channeled or unexpressed.  Encumbering the expression of our emotions includes denying them, or refusing to take notice and accept them. We inappropriately express our emotions when we cry instead of get angry, or blame people for not listening when we should be confronting our failure to speak up.  Sometimes these tactics keep us from dealing with emotions that are more threatening, such as our underlying fears.


The ancient Chinese believed that Qi was inherited from one's ancestors.  Qi that gave rise to severe mental illness was considered faulty and reflected defects in one's ancestral lineage. Therefore, regulating emotions is of great importance for the healing of the emotional health:

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