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Emotion Of Anger Inflames Internal Organs And Causes Toxicity In Our Body

Shih Cheng Chi went to visit the sage Lao Tzu. Arriving after a long journey he perceived that Lao Tzu was not a sage and insulted him. The next day he returned and retracted his insult. Lao Tzu replied, "Yesterday if you had called me an ox or a horse. I should have called myself an ox or a horse."

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger:

  • inflames your inner organs.

  • It is damaging mentally and physically.

A man once became so angry that he pounded fiercely on the top of a desk and subsequently went blind from the force of his pounding. When two people become angry they tend to want to fight and may injure or kill one another.

How To Avoid Anger And Prevent Health Problems

The Christian belief states that if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn your left cheek. Avoiding anger can prevent many external troubles as well as internal injuries. Everyone knows that the tortoises live a long time. They do not get angry or fight. Even if someone pulls at a tortoise's neck, it simply draws its head into its shell. On the other hand. boars like to fight and are easily angered. They do not have a long life, and their meat is apt to contain toxic, cancer causing substances.

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