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Water Hygiene With Homeopathic Remedies

Water Hygiene - Water Purification Techniques

Clean water should be used for both drinking, and tooth cleaning. The hazards of cleaning raw foods with dirty water have been mentioned above. Utensils, crockery, cutlery, and hands ideally should also be washed in pure water, and thoroughly dried. Where the purity of water cannot be guaranteed, the average traveler is advised to use bottled water, where possible, and drinks containing ice should be avoided. With regard to bottled water, ensure that the factory seal is intact, for it is not unknown for bottles to be refilled with doubtful water by the unscrupulous. For extra security, purchase carbonated water, which is less likely to be bogus. The strength of alcohol in alcoholic beverages is insufficient to kill many noxious organisms. Swimming in contaminated waters is another source of infection, often ignored.


Where bottled water is unavailable, it is possible, however, to purify that locally available. Boiling vigorously for 5 minutes is the most effective method of sterilization, in that it destroys all relevant organisms. After boiling, the vessel should be covered, and the water allowed to cool for several hours before drinking, a measure which will significantly improve its 'flat' taste. Water filtration techniques are less satisfactory than the former method, and should be regarded as an initial preparation of the water prior to using chemical  sterilization methods. Indeed, the removal of organic material by filtration prior to chemical sterilization vastly improves its efficacy. Both chlorine and iodine have been used, with reasonable safety.


Commercially prepared sterilization tablets based on either element are available, but chlorine is less effective than iodine in destroying the cysts of amoebic dysentery organisms. Iodine is, therefore, generally more useful. A simple way of utilizing this element is to obtain from your pharmacist Tincture of iodine 2%, and add 4 drops of this tincture to each liter of filtered water, allowing it to stand at least 20 minutes, but preferably 3 hours, before use. Stronger tinctures of iodine are available (eg 10%), but the amount used for sterilization purpose must be proportionately reduced.  Do not use iodine during pregnancy or lactation.



Homeopathic Prevention For Hygienic Water

Homeopathic remedies may be taken to augment those sensible methods of avoidance given above. Shigella co. nosode can be used.  However, a more generally useful technique is to take the following remedy on the regular basis throughout the trip:

  • Crataegus 5 drops 6h

The remedy encourages the normal gut organisms, and discourages invading bacteria.  It appears that it does not act on the wall of the gut itself, and does not cause constipation.  Its side-effects are rare and minor, but the dose should, of course, be reduced for children.

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